Drip Deployment

Drip Deployment Trailer

Looking for an easy way to lay out drip tape or poly tube?

Our deployment trailer is simple to use and can be adapted to fit nearly any situation. It also works great when paired with our winder.


  • Surface deployment of drip tape (row crops) and poly tubing (orchards and vineyards)
  • Trellis wire installation


  • 48″ Diameter Spool –  3000 ft capacity of 3/4″ poly tube
  • Tensioner – maintain tension on both reels with a single, easy to use adjustment
  • Adjustable spokes – slide to fit inside any size roll, new or used
  • Rotating center support column – turns 90 degrees to deploy either parallel or perpendicular to rows

10K Deployer

Need to roll out 10,000 ft rolls of poly tubing direct from manufacturers? Look no further than our 10K deployer.

Our three-point mounted implement easily lifts large reels and assists in surface deployment.


  • Built to accept large reels directly from drip line manufacturers
  • Standard 3-point attachment
  • Tensioning system – prevents reel from free-spooling and helps deploy consistently
  • Operator seat

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