Drip Tape & Wire Winder

Drip Tape & Wire Retrieval

Looking for a way to wind up drip tape? Or Poly Tubing? Our winder is the solution to your drip irrigation retrieval needs. Our drip tape winder can wind up drip tape, poly tube, lay-flat, and even wire.

Our irrigation winder is a cost effective solution for farmers looking to retrieve surface level drip tape/tubing for re-use, recycling, or disposal.

Retrieval is simple: park at the hose connection, wind up the desired section via implement, secure the roll with ties to ensure easy storage, and slide the roll off of the tapered center core.


  • End of row retrieval for re-use, recycling, or disposal
  • Multiple row retrieval for bulk row crop irrigation retrieval


  •  36″ Diameter Spool –  3000 ft capacity of 3/4″ poly tube
  • Flow control valve for slow & fast operation 
  • Lever-operated ‘spring to center’ control valve for operator safety
Multi Row Drip Retrieval – Wide Spool 
Single Row Drip Tape Retrieval – Narrow Spool

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