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Hydraulic 3PT. Winder

The Agrishield Drip Tape/Tube & Wire Winder, attachable via tractor’s 3-point hitch, efficiently retrieves drip tape, poly tube, lay-flat, and wire, used in orchards, vineyards, ranches, and more. It simplifies the maintenance, reuse, or disposal of irrigation and vineyard wiring materials. Wind Up operation is straightforward: position at the hose connection, tie off the end, wind the desired section, secure the roll, and slide it off the tapered core.


Winder Optional
This item: Hydraulic 3PT. Winder
1 × Flow Control Valve
1 × Skid Steer Quick Adapter Plate
1 × Spacer Set for Roll out

Features & Details

Our 3PT hydraulic winders are not built to be the most economical solution on the market -  we designed this unit to last long while tacking heavy duty jobs: welded segmented core, dual flange mounted bearings, hydraulic motor coasting protection, dual purpose hydraulic directional control valve, 1/2" hoses for constant flow, welded handwheel, easily replaceable core sections in case of accidental overload.  This winder and features are meant for those that need a long lasting winder solution.

  • 36in Outer Diameter Spool, 2 Piece Tapered Core for Quick Removal
  • Heavy Duty Welded Construction - Weight: 280lb
  • Safety: Spring-to-center control valve lever ensures operator safety during use.
  • Lever Controls: Feather Valve Handle for Adjustable Speed
  • Capacity: ~3000’ Poly Tube, 500’ of 3” Layflat,
  • Category 2 Mounting, Forklift Pockets for Easy Transport

Rolling Up & Rolling Back Out

Our hydraulic 3 pt. winder is capable of both retrieving and rolling back out. Our hydraulic control valve handle has 2 positions:

  • Valve Up- for Rolling Up, hydraulically powered
  • Valve Down - for Rolling Back Out, hydraulic free spool


Flow Control Valve - not frequently needed, implement has some level of flow control through feathering the hydraulic valve lever. Meant for: 1. high flow tractors without ability to limit flow or 2. Set & Forget set up- dial exact operating speed for ease, eliminating the 'feel' based lever speed control

Skid Steer Adapter Plate - standard skid steer quick attach plate to 3 pt adapter, useful for other 3 PT. equipment, includes adjustable top link

Spacer Set for Roll Out - use during Roll Up to create spools with slightly larger inner diameters. Eases placing rolls back on for Roll Out - see FAQ.

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