custom projects

We offer a full range of computer aided design, manufacturing, and hydraulic services. Our custom manufacturing capabilities include machining, CNC plasma cutting, fabrication, welding, bending, and forming.

Have a project in mind? Contact us today with your ideas and we’ll work hand-in-hand to get you what you need. Whether it’s just a single part, start-to-finish design and fabrication, or anything in between, we can get it done.

Below are just a few examples of the types of jobs we have taken on.

Berm Builder

This land prep implement was designed and built in-house for our friends over at Ag West Prep.

With a final weight of over 5,000 lbs, this machine features dual 6 foot scraper blades, a driven berm packing roller, and heavy-duty 24″ gauge wheels to deal with hilly terrain.

Basil Harvester

Built to meet the needs of a local grower who supplies nearby restaurants and wanted to mechanically harvest the “tips” of basil plants, our solution sits between the hand-held options designed for backyard operations and self-propelled units made for harvesting on an industrial scale.

The unit mounts to a tractor’s rear three-point hitch and is powered by tractor hydraulics.

Robotic Pruner

We worked alongside Beagle Technology to provide them with sickle bar trimmers and a skid-steer mounted frame built to integrate with their vision and pneumatic self-adjustment systems.

The system is built specifically for precision pruning in quadrilateral vineyard trellises.

We also provided a set of suckering heads for precision mechanical shoot thinning.

Orchard Covering System

In an effort to protect their sweet cherry crop from rain damage, a local grower had been laying out plastic tarps over their smaller cherry trees, but was looking for a faster and safer way than ladders to deploy them.

We worked with them to develop and build a two-part system to assist in the deployment and retrieval of the tarps.

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