PTO Power Packs

A PTO Power Pack can protect your tractor and expand its capabilities.

Are you risking a huge repair bill? You might be and not even realize it.

Not all tractors are equipped to handle the high-flow implements that have become common today. Ambient temperatures, daily usage, tractor model, age, reservoir size, and cooling capacity all significantly impact your tractor’s ability to run constant flow implements.

Oil temperatures above 180 degrees WILL lead to premature seal failure on both your implements and your tractor. Additionally, higher temperatures will reduce the efficiency and performance of your equipment. All in all, uncontrolled temperatures cost you money.

A single repair from overheated equipment can often exceed the cost of a PTO power pack – so why chance it?

Our PTO power packs are the perfect pairing for any front-mounted implements (Sweepers, Sucker Removers, Trimmers, Skirters, and more). Keep things cool and get the power you need to run the implements you want.


  • Standard category 2 three-point mounting
  • 540 RPM PTO pump @ 16.6 GPM – connects directly to your tractor PTO
  • Electric over hydraulic forward/reverse controls with motor spool
  • Temperature-sensing oil cooler and LED indicator light
  • 10 micron return line filter
  • 25 gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • Magnetic drain plug


  • Higher flow pumps for the most demanding of applications


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