Terracing Frame

Built with hillside and terraced vineyards in mind, our terracing frame takes our HD frame and splits the carriage, allowing separate height control of left and right implements.


  • High strength A500 tube steel construction
  • Roller guides and low-friction take-ups offer smooth operation of all cylinder adjustments
  • Standard (8 – 11 ft) and narrow width (5.5 – 8 ft) frames available; custom sizes on request
  • Adjustable carriage position accommodates implements which engage from ground level up to and above cordon height
  • Forklift receiver tubes make installation, adjustment, and removal a breeze
  • Hydraulically adjustable height and width
  • Runs on tractor auxiliary hydraulics – includes all hoses and adapters needed for any of our supported implements


  • (Recommended) Electronic controls handle; puts all of the units functions within a thumbs reach; reduces auxiliary hydraulic requirement to one set of ports
  • Unit-mounted standalone flow control valve – for use if your tractor does not include one and lower hydraulic flow is needed


Terracing Frame with Suckering arms and electronic controls

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