Terracing Vineyard Frame

Built with hillside and terraced vineyards in mind, our terracing frame takes our HD frame and splits the carriage, allowing separate height control of left and right implements.


  • Standard (8 – 12 ft vine rows) and narrow width (6 – 8 ft vine rows) frames available; custom sizes on request
  • Electronic control handle; puts hydraulic height, width, and motor functions within a thumbs reach
  • Runs on tractor hydraulics or pairs great with one of our hydraulic power packs
  • Adjustable carriage position accommodates implements which engage from ground level up to and above cordon height
  • Forklift pockets make installation, adjustment, and removal a breeze
  • Roller guides and low-friction take-ups offer smooth operation of all cylinder adjustments
  • High strength A500 tube steel construction
Narrow Terracing Frame with Poly Rod Sweepers on breakaway arms


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