double sickle trimmers

Double sickle bars offer high ground speeds and some of the cleanest cuts on the market. Optimized for winter pruning, these cutter bars produce clean cuts in hard wood up to 1″ in diameter, making them viable even in light orchard applications.

Two rows of back-to-back high strength blades reciprocate past each other, creating a double-cutting effect that reduces snagging and tearing, resulting in a clean cut.

Naturally balanced drive system offers minimal vibration for the smoothest operation.

Spring-loaded breakaway mounting minimizes possible damage to both your vineyard and machine.

Multi-position mounting – hedge, top or skirt using the same bars, or add 2 extra bars to do 2 operations in one pass.

Bar sizes ranging from 3 to 6 feet.

Our double sickle bar trimmers can be mounted on our HD or Terracing frames.

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