Sickle Bar Trimmers

Get the job done right with our Single or Double Sickle Bar Trimmers. Used in vineyard, berry, light orchard, and a variety of outdoor applications, these trimmers cut clean and sharp, making canopy upkeep straightforward and effective. Adjust the bar positions and angles to fit your layout. Affordable, simple to use, and built tough for everyday work. With low hydraulic needs, it’ll run on just about any tractor. Our sickle bar trimmers are built around simplicity: a product that easy to use & maintain, while delivering quality cuts – without the price tag of high-speed trimmers.


Our Ordering Process

Create, Refine, Order, Install, and Run a trimmer that will work for your exact application. Whether it's a standard or custom order, we offer complementary dimensional checking - follow our order guide to receive photos, measurements, and details on the trimmer you will receive.


Select From Options - Create Your Trimmer


Fill Out Your Canopy & Cut Profile

See Exactly How Our Trimmer Will Reach Your Cut Profile


Finalize all product details, options, shipping preferences, and estimated timeline.


Follow Manual Instructions For Remote Install


Local or remote, we are available to assist in install and operation of our equipment. Contact us today to learn more about the full install process!