Vineyard Berm Sweeper

The AGRISHIELD vineyard berm sweeper helps clean up your winter prunings quickly and effectively. We offer several options to best suit your needs. Get two uses out of one frame with our sucker remover arm replacements. Front mounted frames are ideal for simultaneous use with a mower/shredder. Rear-mounted sweepers offer high speed operation ideal for contract work.

All mounting options have both front to back and side to side angle adjustment to set the aggressiveness of the sweepers.

We offer rubber paddle sweepers, poly rod sweepers, as well as bristle brushes which are better suited to younger vineyards and those without stakes on every vine.


  • Bolts onto our sucker remover frame replacing the suckering arms – use one frame for two different purposes
  • Full hydraulic width and height adjustment
  • Available for all of our sucker remover frame options – standard, narrow, and terracing


  • Simple front mounted frame with manual width adjustment and  hydraulic height control for ground clearance while turning
  • Floating head design automatically accounts for variations in ground height


  • Standard category 2 three point hook-up
  • Adjustable gauge wheels for effortless and repeatable height setting

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