Vineyard Sucker Remover

The AGRISHIELD sucker remover is the solution to your vineyard suckering needs. Our simple and robust solution to mechanical suckering is straightforward to use and adaptable to nearly any situation.


  • Front-mounted frame maximizes visibility and ease of use while keeping your rear 3-point free for simultaneous mowing or other processes
  • Standard (8 – 12 ft) and narrow width (6 – 8 ft) frames available; custom sizes on request
  • Adjustable shaft angle to effectively reach suckers at the base of each vine
  • Easily removable/replaceable cutting cords
  • Interchangeable cutting shafts accommodate varying trellis systems and heights


  • Includes all the same features as the standard frame, plus independent control of left and right shaft heights
  • Ideal for use in heavily terraced hillside vineyards


  • Our suckering heads turned upwards – cleans the underside of the cordon

  • Moving closer to the vines will engage with the top of the cordon and can be used for shoot thinning operations

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