vineyard sucker remover

Our sucker removers are the solution to your vineyard suckering needs. Our simple and robust solution to mechanical suckering is straightforward to use and adaptable to nearly any situation.

Adjustable head angle to effectively reach suckers at the base of each vine

Dual mounting position arms – run heads vertically for trunk suckering, horizontally for under cordon cleaning/shoot thinning, or run two sets of heads and do both in a single pass

Easily removable/replaceable cutting cords/belts

Easily interchangeable heads accommodate varying trellis systems and heights

Choose between standard segmented heads for maximum versatility or light-duty shafts for young or fragile vines. For high-wire vineyards or combination trunk suckering and under cordon cleaning, a second set of heads mounted horizontally gets the job done in one pass.

Use either poly cord “whips” that wrap around the vine for maximum coverage, or belting strips to minimize snagging on drip lines and wires

Our suckering arms can be mounted on our HD or Terracing frame.

Suckering Head Styles

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